Lion Coffee & Records

Alongside the all-star shows at our bigger venues, Pickle Boy likes to support up-and-coming comedic talent, and will be hosting an open mic at Lion Coffee and Records in Clapton.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, so we’ve created a safe space in a record shop, that doubles up as a cafe/bar. It’s pretty hip. Owned by the drummer from Florence and The Machine, it has the vibes and atmosphere to create an intimate audience for new acts to have the confidence to try their stuff.

These nights are ENTRY FREE! However it’s nice for us to get an idea of how many people are turning up, so we ask people to reserve tickets, otherwise you take a chance on the door! Very limited seats available. Show at 7.30.

Upcoming nights include:

Weds 19th Oct | More Info | Reserve

Weds 16th Nov | More Info | Reserve

If you fancy giving it a go, why not drop us a line: